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❝ The word Philoxenia derives from an ancient Greek term referring to duty of kindness and hospitality showed to guests, foreigners or strangers and embodies the true generosity of human spirit ❞

                                                      Do you have a dream vision of your cocktail event?                                                            Our aim is to understand your vision and deliver unrivalled taste and service. Our cocktails are the moment your guests start to live your vision. Our ability to produce a unique taste experience, has been curated over years. Attention to the smallest details, our obsession! The joy brought to your event by the perfect cocktail – our ultimate aim.

Your guests will be spoilt!


❝ I dream my cocktail creation and I create my dream 

What We Do

Philoxenia Events, is a Bar focused events planning company. It specialises in elegant cocktail receptions for luxury destination weddings but is also highly experienced in corporate & private events. We are experts at producing the best cocktail parties and social gatherings from start to finish. We deliver exceptional brand events that fit your requirements and sets you apart from your competitors. 

Our five star, mixologists, bartenders and waiting staff are highly experienced and will make sure your event is a huge success.

Private Events

Corporate Events

Destination Weddings

Recent Events

With a decade of experience in International Events, Philoxenia as participated on some of the world’ best events. We have shared  our Notorious Cocktails as far afield as Los Angeles, as well as regularly in glamorous weddings in European locations such as Mykonos, Zakynthos & Puglia. 

We have built our bespoke bar on an amazing sun-set beach in the Greek Islands, created a Creed inspired cocktail for the famous fragrance  company. Whatever you can,  imagine for your event, Philoxenia’s expert teams will ensure spectacular result in any location on Earth!



Creed Launch Party 200 Guests


Wedding 350 Guests


Wedding 150 Guests

Our Locations

We humbly declare that Philoxenia Events are experts at destination events in Greece, Italy and London, but of course we are happy to talk to you about other destinations.  We can assist in helping you find the venue for an affair with an abundance of guests, or something more intimate. Facilitation and advice about accommodation and transportation for guests is also a service we provide.







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❝ Each of my cocktail creations is a reflexion of my personality, a mix of vision, creativity and emotions that translates into a unique character in every signature drink