How to Include Fireworks in Your Cocktail Party

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How to Include Fireworks in Your Cocktail Party

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Nothing’s better than hosting a cocktail party. Bespoke cocktails within a beautiful setting will always create an atmosphere that lifts the spirits of everyone in the room.

Here at Philoxenia Events London, we’re always looking for ways to combine different features and types of entertainment to make parties even better. Today we’ve taken a look at how fireworks can do just that.

A Bespoke Display to End the Night

Thinking about fireworks usually inspires us to picture a big display, like the ones you see around the world on New Year’s Eve. Having a fireworks display to end your party is always a great way to bring a party to a close. It’s an unforgettable way to thank your guests for showing up and enjoying the occasion with you.

The best thing about a fireworks display is the potential variety you have, just like with cocktails! You can create a bespoke display at the end of the night, taking into account the party’s theme and purpose. You can create fireworks displays based around a specific colour or include special effects, such as fireworks that explode into a symbol or spell out a specific word or message.

Remember that a fireworks display doesn’t just have to take place at the end of your party. You could have the display right at the start or even in the middle of your reception. It can be quite a nice way to break up an event like an awards evening or an end of business conference event. For example, at an outdoors party, you can use the display to move the guests indoors to continue the night and signalling the end of the outdoor portion of the party.

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A Wow-Factor to Surprise Guests

If you’re thinking about using fireworks, you don’t just have to create a fireworks display – remember, you have a lot of options and variety to play around with! Fireworks can always take a smaller role at your reception, adding finishing touches to your party entertainment instead. In fact, you don’t even have to go outside to enjoy the magic of fireworks! Indoor fireworks can add a touch of drama to your big night. Go as small as sparklers or opt for a full on indoor pyrotechnics display depending on the event and what you want to do.

You can also wow your guests with individual fireworks at key moments during the party. Fountain style fireworks could be used as people enter the party or you could have fireworks to mark things like the first dance or the reception of an award, depending on the reason for your party or event.

Practical Stuff You Should Know About Fireworks

Before you start shopping for fireworks, it’s important to keep in mind a few practicalities. You will need the venue’s permission, although many venues now do allow fireworks, but you may have to use a professional fireworks company to set up and fire the show. Smaller sparklers and indoor fireworks might not require a professional setup but you still need to have the venue’s permission and adequate insurance.

If you’re worried about the noise then low noise fireworks are a great way to bring the colours of fireworks to your party without making too much noise, and can be the perfect fireworks for a big city cocktail party.

Get the go ahead to host a fireworks display with your party venue and find the right fireworks for your needs. With these simple steps, all you have left to do is to enjoy the party!