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How to Include Fireworks in Your Cocktail Party

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Nothing’s better than hosting a cocktail party. Bespoke cocktails within a beautiful setting will always create an atmosphere that lifts the spirits of everyone in the room.

Here at Philoxenia Events London, we’re always looking for ways to combine different features and types of entertainment to make parties even better. Today we’ve taken a look at how fireworks can do just that.

A Bespoke Display to End the Night

Thinking about fireworks usually inspires us to picture a big display, like the ones you see around the world on New Year’s Eve. Having a fireworks display to end your party is always a great way to bring a party to a close. It’s an unforgettable way to thank your guests for showing up and enjoying the occasion with you.

The best thing about a fireworks display is the potential variety you have, just like with cocktails! You can create a bespoke display at the end of the night, taking into account the party’s theme and purpose. You can create fireworks displays based around a specific colour or include special effects, such as fireworks that explode into a symbol or spell out a specific word or message.

Remember that a fireworks display doesn’t just have to take place at the end of your party. You could have the display right at the start or even in the middle of your reception. It can be quite a nice way to break up an event like an awards evening or an end of business conference event. For example, at an outdoors party, you can use the display to move the guests indoors to continue the night and signalling the end of the outdoor portion of the party.

impress your guests with colorful fireworks

A Wow-Factor to Surprise Guests

If you’re thinking about using fireworks, you don’t just have to create a fireworks display – remember, you have a lot of options and variety to play around with! Fireworks can always take a smaller role at your reception, adding finishing touches to your party entertainment instead. In fact, you don’t even have to go outside to enjoy the magic of fireworks! Indoor fireworks can add a touch of drama to your big night. Go as small as sparklers or opt for a full on indoor pyrotechnics display depending on the event and what you want to do.

You can also wow your guests with individual fireworks at key moments during the party. Fountain style fireworks could be used as people enter the party or you could have fireworks to mark things like the first dance or the reception of an award, depending on the reason for your party or event.

Practical Stuff You Should Know About Fireworks

Before you start shopping for fireworks, it’s important to keep in mind a few practicalities. You will need the venue’s permission, although many venues now do allow fireworks, but you may have to use a professional fireworks company to set up and fire the show. Smaller sparklers and indoor fireworks might not require a professional setup but you still need to have the venue’s permission and adequate insurance.

If you’re worried about the noise then low noise fireworks are a great way to bring the colours of fireworks to your party without making too much noise, and can be the perfect fireworks for a big city cocktail party.

Get the go ahead to host a fireworks display with your party venue and find the right fireworks for your needs. With these simple steps, all you have left to do is to enjoy the party!


How to create a cocktail inspired by your favourite Creed scents

How to create a cocktail inspired by your favourite Creed scents 2200 1467 Giorgio Tosato

An interview with leading mixologist, The Notorious Cocktail

Did you know that your tongue can only actually taste five basic flavours? Salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami – there’s a real synergy between what you taste and what you smell and they both go hand in hand to make the ultimate sensory experience. With that in mind, we recently teamed up with London’s leading mixologist to create the perfect aperitif to complement our latest addition to the House of Creed. A staple at our latest press launch event, we can certainly vouch that this fruity aromatic cocktail, inspired by the new Aventus Cologne, sets the scene for a sophisticated soiree.

Launching on 1st June 2019, Aventus Cologne is an uplifting take on a classic men’s cologne. Both daring and urban-spirited, this new scent offers a rebellious modern twist to the cult classic forerunner, Aventus. Combining refreshing notes of mandarin with aromatic ginger and pink peppercorn this new scent is perfectly complemented by a sumptuous heart of patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver whilst the leathery balsamic base of styrax, birch, musk and tonka bean provides the final touch to this vibrant new scent. The unique combination of fruity, aromatic and woody notes makes it the perfect scent to inspire a unique and thirst quenching cocktail.

that is truly bespoke and unique” – Giorgio Tosato
Best known as The Notorious Cocktail, founder of luxury events company, Philoxenia and expert Mixologist, Giorgio Tosato, has been working alongside some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry for over a decade. With a unique take on the art of cocktail making, Giorgio has created some of the best cocktails the industry has to offer for the likes of Gordon Ramsey, Sky Garden, Sketch and some of Ibiza’s finest bars. It is his playful and unique approach to cocktail recipes that makes his creations so notorious and one you can certainly rely on to push you out of your comfort zone. Forget a classic mojito or old fashioned, Giorgio gets his inspiration from a whole host of exotic destinations and backgrounds to give your taste buds something equally daring and delicious. We caught up with Giorgio to discover his approach to creating this perfume-inspired cocktail and where he looks to for inspiration with new cocktail creations.


Shop Aventus Cologne

As a perfumer, Creed know all too well the power the senses have on what you taste. How do you use different flavours, smells and colours to play on the senses?

Colours, flavours and smells are vital to any cocktail creation, but these are extremely personal elements as well, so experimenting is essential in order to come up with something that is truly bespoke and unique. This experimenting part could be anything from mixing a selection of weird and wonderful, to creating own infusions and syrups, which is what I often resort to, as that is when I can really bring in my own vision and personality and add that extra twist. The key, always, is to really understand the brief and be able to “liquefy” it in such a way that it ties in together with the rest of the key elements, such as the occasion, location, time of the day, etc and becomes a memorable part of the story.


Where do you look for inspiration for new cocktails?

I always try to keep my creations simple yet intriguing. I believe the focus should always be on the taste of the ingredients and the palate experience that these can create. Therefore, I always look for inspiration through my personal experiences – ones that I get from travelling, tasting and smelling unique products from local areas and even building personal relationships with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Each of my creations is a true reflection of my personality, a mix of vision, experience, creativity and emotions that translate into a unique character in every drink.


What was your approach to the Aventus Cologne cocktail? Where did you get your inspiration?

I am a big fan of the brand and have been wearing the perfumes for a number of years now. The inspiration for my Aventus Cologne cocktail recipe comes from the real detail from the history of the brand back in 1760 and how it has evolved since then, how it has and is responding to changing market tastes with products that are innovative, but yet still carry the same sophistication and uniqueness. It is a similar concept when it comes to mixology and I see this as reflection in my work. In particular, I found Olivier Creed’s approach to sourcing, research, inspection and commissioning of the finest materials extremely inspirational. So I followed the same tactic when creating the Aventus Cologne cocktail and the result did not disappoint.




Created bespoke for Creed’s Aventus Cologne launch activities, this exclusive cocktail cannot be found on a single menu across the globe. However, Giorgio was kind enough to share with Creed the secret recipe behind his unique cocktail creation. Using a blend of homemade infusions, this cocktail recipe is not for the faint hearted but will certainly be worth it.



Vodka infused mandarin (40ml)
Homemade ginger liqueur (20ml)
Fresh mandarin juice (15ml)
Fresh lemon juice (15ml)
Homemade tonka & rose syrup (15ml)
3 Drops of Angostura Bitter
Grated tonka (to garnish)

Homemade mandarin bitter essence spray flower (to garnish)Method: Shaken. Pop the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake until thoroughly mixed. Pour over ice into a tumbler glass, holding back the ice in the shaker, and finish with the garnish.HOMEMADE GINGER LIQUEUR (Makes 700ml)INGREDIENTS: 350g GINGER – 350ml vodka – 350Gml sugar (superfine)METHOD: Place chopped ginger, vodka, water and sugar in a large vac bag and seal with maximum pressure allowed without spillage. Leave to infuse at room temperature overnight (or for 24 hours). Strain the infusion in a bottle by using a chinois.HOMEMADE TONKA & ROSEBAY SYRUP (Makes 700ml)INGREDIENTS: 20g Tonka beans & 15g dry rose – 700g sugar (superfine) 350ml water – 1g malic acid

METHOD: Place the tonka, rose, water malic acid and sugar in a large vac bag and seal with maximum pressure allowed without spillage. Leave to infuse at room temperature overnight (or for 24 hours). Strain the infusion using a chinois and bottle.


INGREDIENTS: Mandarin skin – Gentian – mandarin blossom – lemon skin – alcohol 95%

METHOD: Place all the ingredients in a large vac bag and seal with maximum pressure allowed without spillage. Leave to infuse at room temperature for 3 days. Strain the infusion by using a chinois.



Discover more Creed-inspired cocktails here.Follow Giorgio on Instagram: @the_notorious_cocktail
the notorious cocktail

Host Your Very Merry Christmas Party

Host Your Very Merry Christmas Party 848 480 Giorgio Tosato

With Christmas & New Year fast approaching, parties are around the corner too! It is a daunting task to throw a corporate party or organise a private event. So, who do you trust in the process? Philoxenia Events is backed by an expert team with an array of skills to organise corporate and private festive events that are bound to be successful and jaw dropping. Yes, we do both and we have got everything you are looking for!

the notorious cocktail

burnt rosemary

We hold a consistent and exceptional record for creating the perfect event that leave the guests with lasting memories. The events are meticulously planned and supported with a wide range of service options to choose from to make the event all the more exciting and engaging for the host and the guests alike. Our services include arranging and providing ideal venues, organising exceptional cocktail receptions, masterclass and much more.

Philoxenia Events provides numerous options for venues ranging from a business event to a private social gathering that are offered to satisfy your needs. The venues and locations are matched and coupled with research according to the client’s preference or choice. The ideal location for your event exists and we have all the required resources to deliver it to you. Be it a setting in the outdoors, a conference centre to house a larger guest population or perhaps a more custom location like a marquee.

berries rosemary cinnamon

berries rosemary & cinnamon syrup

Philoxenia also specializes in organising Christmas parties and events at home. For instance, cocktail parties are suited for both formal and informal occasions. We have the best to offer when it comes to mixologists who are trained in the craft and make unique and innovative creations that will have the guests wanting and coming back for more.

Want something more? We also extend by planning Champagne parties and Prosecco receptions. These are more sublime and will definitely make the event a hit whether amongst your friends or colleagues. Prosecco Parties with delectable eats like canapes are good to go for any corporate event particularly if you are hoping to spend quality time in a professional space.

christmas party

welcome drinks

Looking for something more engaging? Then perhaps a Christmas Cocktail Masterclass will check all the right boxes. The masterclass will provide a good amount of relaxation, fun and a chance to spend quality time for the working individuals. It will certainly provide an opportunity for the guests to hang out beside the typical professional setting. Throwing a cocktail masterclass for friends and family will be welcome and received with equal enthusiasm.

We strive to make the process hassle free for the host and also do not compromise on quality of services extended. With adept mixologists, world class services and other skill-sets to accomplish the task under our belt, Philoxenia Events has got you covered to throw the ideal Festive Event and make sure you and your company will have a great time together!

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How To Turn Up Your Home Bartending Game

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Bartending is an art and has more to it than just mixing pints of liquor and bitters! It has constantly evolved over the years and has made a place for itself in outlets ranging from pubs to high end restaurants and common households alike. The art of bartending varies from each place suiting to the needs of the guests and the audience. But without a doubt it requires precisive skills, experience and definitely game changing tools.

Bartending at professional outlets in comparison to homes are two different experiences yet working to achieve the same goal of offering exceptional and mind-blowing cocktails. Every home bartender gets an irresistible satisfaction out of his or her creations and an insurmountable joy when the cocktails pleases everyone.

the notorious cocktail

the notorious cocktail

The guests are equally delighted when they get to see the process involved in making the cocktail which definitely adds a dimension to the experience. It is necessary to keep the audience captivated through the process which may get the better of amateur or home bartenders.Home bartender’s most crucial need is a clutter free bar station which is an essential component to creating consistent cocktails.

The California Cocktail Kit is the comprehensive tool you need to solve it all. It packs in a 4-in-1 muddle, shaker, strainer lid and much more. The kit is designed in an effort to make bartending more efficient and engaging for home bartenders. Making a cocktail becomes a breeze and you bet it will keep the people coming back for more!

cocktails mixology

California Cocktail Kit


Athina 1920 1280 admin

If you are looking for something that is equally delish and refreshing to drink then Athina is the right cocktail for you. It is made with equal parts of Beetroot Syrup and Aquavit Allborg and large drops of lime which form the elements suitable for any relaxing day. The palate of Vodka is balanced by infused dill and heightens the taste buds.


35ML Vodka infused dill

25ML Coconut milk

15ML Aquavit Allborg

15ML Beetroot syrup

20ML Lime

3 DROPS Chocolate Bitter


Other healthy components apart from other ingredients include, coconut milk!!! The 3 drops of Chocolate Bitter bring out a beautiful medley in the drink. What more could you ask for? Maybe, your own personalised party and live cocktail bar put together by the talented team at Philoxenia Events!

Philoxenia Events Turns Up Summer

Philoxenia Events Turns Up Summer 1246 800 admin

Fancy something to beat the heat this summer? What’s better than cocktails! Cocktails are refreshing to drink and allow for a variety of compositions to suit the tastes of every individual.  The world of cocktails is ever evolving and new drinks make it to the tables every now and then.

Philoxenia is a luxury event planning establishment holding an expertise in cocktail receptions and is based in London. Philoxenia operates across numerous locations in Europe such as Athens and Puglia and curates specialized and unique cocktails that meet the needs of every occasion and event. The numerous cocktails that line up on the menus are unrivalled and made from carefully sourced local ingredients across Europe. This provides a wide array of options to choose from and a distinctive and delightful cocktail experience.

The company was recently featured in the highly reputed Bar Business magazine under the Seasonal cocktails section. Philoxenia offers unparalleled cocktails that draw inspiration from local flavors and a strong intrigue towards the creation process. The article draws attention to a collection of summer cocktail recipes that are original and exciting. It allows for easy drinking during the summer season and will help brace the towering temperatures.

The recipes covered cocktails which require seasonal ingredients and an abundance of local and exotic fruits as to make the most out of summer. Cocktails are a delight to be consumed when they not only taste good but also look equally good. It is something that every Mixologist will definitely agree with and bases his or her creations upon.

The recipes covered cocktails with different hues ranging from bright shades of pink to natural green pigments. These will help tone down the summer temperatures and will be hard to resist.

Giorgio Tosato, mixologist and founder of Philoxenia, emphasizes on the need for passion to create cocktails and defines his creations and work upon it. He also believes in using unique and local ingredients which can be noted from his featured cocktail recipe “Flamingo Love”. Flamingo Love has a comforting yet exciting shade of pink. The recipe uses Roots Mastiha Liqueur, a newfound popularity famed for its earthy and floral palette. It is obtained from the resin of the Mastic Trees present in the Chios Island in Greece and balances the flavors of the sours added in the drink.

It has a blend of Mediterranean and Tropical tone to it due to the use of ingredients such as Mastiha, curry leaves and dragon fruit.  It also adds an additional layer to the drink and enriches the taste of the Blanco Rum used. The recipe calls for the use of other ingredients such as dill, caraway and pink dragon fruit to further enhance and balance the flavors of the drink. The pink tint to the mixture can be credited to the addition of pink grapefruit soda. It is big, bold and pleasing in its flavors. What’s not to like? The cocktail without a doubt is refreshing and bound to be a definite crowd pleaser.

Philoxenia Events Launch White Party in Athens

Philoxenia Events Launch White Party in Athens 1879 1251 admin

A white party was recently organized and launched by Philoxenia in Athens. What better place to host it than in a city surrounded by rich heritage, marvelous architecture and definitely some of the world’s most sun kissed beaches?
The party took place in a secret location on a terrace in South Athens and a group of special guests were invited. It was set to take place during the sunset, a perfect time to drink and enjoy the delicious cocktails. The party set the tone for a perfect evening by serving carefully curated signature cocktails paired with gluten free macaroons on the theme of “Healthy cocktails and macaroons”. The white party suited the Greek landscape filled with traditional blue domed white structures meeting the sea.

The “Ef Zen”, which means living well and enjoying a good life in ancient Greek, a red watermelon cocktail, was coupled with delectable ivory colored Vanilla gluten free macaroons. The cocktail was abundant in its flavors and made for a refreshing drink for the summer evening. The ingredients used in the creation of the cocktail were nutritious and equally delicious. Jasmine infused Mastiha roots liquer spoke subtly of Jasmine and had a sweet taste. It was further flavored and enriched by coconut water which functioned as a balancing component. The combination of coconut with watermelon juice and lime added to the refreshing part of the cocktail. The drink also contained blackberry and basil syrup. Can it get more healthy or delicious?



The “Secret Garden” followed suit, an equally refreshing cocktail made with Green tea infused Belvedere vodka. It had healthy components like cucumber and celery juice and hints of lime. Also, apple and unique elements of the drink like elderflower syrup integrated different palate and made it whole. Light green colored Pistachio macaroons were coupled with the drink. The macaroons had an intense and delightful palate with the rich flavors of Pistachio. The macaroons were carefully paired with the drink to beautifully complement it.



Philoxenia believes in incorporating native products and elements into the creation of its killer cocktails. The “Ef Zen” ingredient Mastiha roots liquer is obtained from the Mastic, a tree native to the Chios islands in Greece. Also, basil is a widely used herb in Greek cuisine and a popular element amongst households cooks too. It is also known for citrus trees which added to the flavors of the Secret Garden. Thus the cocktails weaved local ingredients into the cocktails to make the magic happen!

The atmosphere and view from the terrace added to making the event all the more exciting and pleasing. The atmosphere was relaxed with the guests enjoying the cocktails and yummy treats. The view from the terrace with that of the sea and pink golden sky made for a pleasant evening. The guests were pleased with the time spent in the evening and appreciated the cocktails. They also expressed their excitement and surprise with the garnishes. The event concluded on a successful note with the guests leaving happy and refreshed.


How To Throw The Ultimate Party

How To Throw The Ultimate Party 1500 1000 admin

Are you looking for throwing a party that will be unforgettable and delightful? Then here are a few ways you can get to it.

the notorious cocktail

philoxenia events


A party with a theme is certainly more exciting! For instance, it could range from any pop culture reference to cocktail themed parties. Cocktail parties can be really the deal if you want to connect with the guests. Cocktail parties themed with dinners will also allow for a great time. Philoxenia specialises in Cocktail parties that can suit the needs of every guest. The cocktails are made from the best of the ingredients with high detailing and planning put into making them. They can be styled and garnished with beautiful elements that go with your overall theme and wow your guests through and through.


bbq party

philoxenia events


Who doesn’t love Barbeques? An evening spent with good company while devouring Barbeques is time spent well.  Barbeques paired with cocktails will definitely be an immediate hit. It will also help beat the heat and satisfy the cravings of the crowd. Good food and refreshing drinks. What more can you ask for?


Do you want your guests to have a memorable time? Then games could be the answer. Scavenger hunts or any other party games would keep the guests occupied and engaged. Games without a doubt will bring an element of fun to the party.

private events

philoxenia events


A Private Bar never fails to impress the guests and will definitely be an element of surprise when added to the Party. Philoxenia brings fine and delicious cocktails made out of carefully picked ingredients. The cocktails are abundant in flavours and in fact will be an instant favourite amongst your guests. You can up your game by serving unique and delicious cocktails rather than the old boring options of wine or beer.

So, now that you have all the deets for your next party, may it be an EPIC one!

Ways To WOW At Your Business Party

Ways To WOW At Your Business Party 1280 853 admin

Business dinners need a lot of work and planning to make it a success. On the bright side all it requires is a good amount of groundwork, execution and then you are good to go!

Entertainment is one of the best ways to keep the audience engaged. The entertainment industry has a lot to offer from performers ranging from magicians to dancers. A little amount of research will help you in getting the right choice to the event. Orchestra or classical musicians can make the event delightful and also keep it professional. Games or contests can lighten the mood and make the event more enjoyable.

Nothing pleases the guests more than a good amount of delicious food and something to drink! There is a wide array of options available for food and drink stations. A great choice to add to the dinner would be a private bar offering drinks and cocktails. A private bar brings in an element of fun to the dining experience. It dissolves the boundaries and makes the experience more enjoyable by making the guests feel like spending a night out with their friends rather than with their colleagues.

Philoxenia offers meticulously styled private bars and finely crafted drinks that cater to your event’s every need. The cocktails are tailored to be show stoppers and instant favourites. They are made with carefully curated ingredients from local produce and also from different parts across the globe. They are made with a passion to make unrivalled cocktails and a drive to create the perfect cocktail experience. Philoxenia believes in offering only the best and pursues in action to make the event unique and unforgettable through its services. Maybe a private bar is all you need to jazz up your business event!

The “ELIXIR OF LIFE” – Our Best Selling Summer Cocktail

The “ELIXIR OF LIFE” – Our Best Selling Summer Cocktail 1431 954 admin

The Elixir of Life is a Best Selling summer cocktail. It is made with fresh organic juices. The cocktail is above par with its flavors because of the addition of rosemary tincture. The inclusion of apple and carrot juice adds a healthy dimension to the drink. It is indisputably magical, flavor wise.

  • 50ML Tumeric infused Vodka
  • 25ML Apple juice
  • 25ML Carrot juice
  • 15 ML Lemon juice
  • 4 Drops rosemary tincture
  • Top with cucumber water
  • GARNISH: Elderflower – Rosemary
  • METHOD: Shaken

Turmeric is the new in trend ingredient in the world of Cocktails. The Vodka infused with turmeric magnifies the flavors yet stabilizes the palate of the organic juices. The warm color and flavor of the drink is all that you need to beat the scorching days.