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If you are looking for something that is equally delish and refreshing to drink then Athina is the right cocktail for you. It is made with equal parts of Beetroot Syrup and Aquavit Allborg and large drops of lime which form the elements suitable for any relaxing day. The palate of Vodka is balanced by infused dill and heightens the taste buds.


35ML Vodka infused dill

25ML Coconut milk

15ML Aquavit Allborg

15ML Beetroot syrup

20ML Lime

3 DROPS Chocolate Bitter


Other healthy components apart from other ingredients include, coconut milk!!! The 3 drops of Chocolate Bitter bring out a beautiful medley in the drink. What more could you ask for? Maybe, your own personalised party and live cocktail bar put together by the talented team at Philoxenia Events!