Philoxenia Events Turns Up Summer

Philoxenia Events Turns Up Summer

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Fancy something to beat the heat this summer? What’s better than cocktails! Cocktails are refreshing to drink and allow for a variety of compositions to suit the tastes of every individual.  The world of cocktails is ever evolving and new drinks make it to the tables every now and then.

Philoxenia is a luxury event planning establishment holding an expertise in cocktail receptions and is based in London. Philoxenia operates across numerous locations in Europe such as Athens and Puglia and curates specialized and unique cocktails that meet the needs of every occasion and event. The numerous cocktails that line up on the menus are unrivalled and made from carefully sourced local ingredients across Europe. This provides a wide array of options to choose from and a distinctive and delightful cocktail experience.

The company was recently featured in the highly reputed Bar Business magazine under the Seasonal cocktails section. Philoxenia offers unparalleled cocktails that draw inspiration from local flavors and a strong intrigue towards the creation process. The article draws attention to a collection of summer cocktail recipes that are original and exciting. It allows for easy drinking during the summer season and will help brace the towering temperatures.

The recipes covered cocktails which require seasonal ingredients and an abundance of local and exotic fruits as to make the most out of summer. Cocktails are a delight to be consumed when they not only taste good but also look equally good. It is something that every Mixologist will definitely agree with and bases his or her creations upon.

The recipes covered cocktails with different hues ranging from bright shades of pink to natural green pigments. These will help tone down the summer temperatures and will be hard to resist.

Giorgio Tosato, mixologist and founder of Philoxenia, emphasizes on the need for passion to create cocktails and defines his creations and work upon it. He also believes in using unique and local ingredients which can be noted from his featured cocktail recipe “Flamingo Love”. Flamingo Love has a comforting yet exciting shade of pink. The recipe uses Roots Mastiha Liqueur, a newfound popularity famed for its earthy and floral palette. It is obtained from the resin of the Mastic Trees present in the Chios Island in Greece and balances the flavors of the sours added in the drink.

It has a blend of Mediterranean and Tropical tone to it due to the use of ingredients such as Mastiha, curry leaves and dragon fruit.  It also adds an additional layer to the drink and enriches the taste of the Blanco Rum used. The recipe calls for the use of other ingredients such as dill, caraway and pink dragon fruit to further enhance and balance the flavors of the drink. The pink tint to the mixture can be credited to the addition of pink grapefruit soda. It is big, bold and pleasing in its flavors. What’s not to like? The cocktail without a doubt is refreshing and bound to be a definite crowd pleaser.