Philoxenia Events Launch White Party in Athens

Philoxenia Events Launch White Party in Athens

Philoxenia Events Launch White Party in Athens 1879 1251 admin

A white party was recently organized and launched by Philoxenia in Athens. What better place to host it than in a city surrounded by rich heritage, marvelous architecture and definitely some of the world’s most sun kissed beaches?
The party took place in a secret location on a terrace in South Athens and a group of special guests were invited. It was set to take place during the sunset, a perfect time to drink and enjoy the delicious cocktails. The party set the tone for a perfect evening by serving carefully curated signature cocktails paired with gluten free macaroons on the theme of “Healthy cocktails and macaroons”. The white party suited the Greek landscape filled with traditional blue domed white structures meeting the sea.

The “Ef Zen”, which means living well and enjoying a good life in ancient Greek, a red watermelon cocktail, was coupled with delectable ivory colored Vanilla gluten free macaroons. The cocktail was abundant in its flavors and made for a refreshing drink for the summer evening. The ingredients used in the creation of the cocktail were nutritious and equally delicious. Jasmine infused Mastiha roots liquer spoke subtly of Jasmine and had a sweet taste. It was further flavored and enriched by coconut water which functioned as a balancing component. The combination of coconut with watermelon juice and lime added to the refreshing part of the cocktail. The drink also contained blackberry and basil syrup. Can it get more healthy or delicious?



The “Secret Garden” followed suit, an equally refreshing cocktail made with Green tea infused Belvedere vodka. It had healthy components like cucumber and celery juice and hints of lime. Also, apple and unique elements of the drink like elderflower syrup integrated different palate and made it whole. Light green colored Pistachio macaroons were coupled with the drink. The macaroons had an intense and delightful palate with the rich flavors of Pistachio. The macaroons were carefully paired with the drink to beautifully complement it.



Philoxenia believes in incorporating native products and elements into the creation of its killer cocktails. The “Ef Zen” ingredient Mastiha roots liquer is obtained from the Mastic, a tree native to the Chios islands in Greece. Also, basil is a widely used herb in Greek cuisine and a popular element amongst households cooks too. It is also known for citrus trees which added to the flavors of the Secret Garden. Thus the cocktails weaved local ingredients into the cocktails to make the magic happen!

The atmosphere and view from the terrace added to making the event all the more exciting and pleasing. The atmosphere was relaxed with the guests enjoying the cocktails and yummy treats. The view from the terrace with that of the sea and pink golden sky made for a pleasant evening. The guests were pleased with the time spent in the evening and appreciated the cocktails. They also expressed their excitement and surprise with the garnishes. The event concluded on a successful note with the guests leaving happy and refreshed.